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What is Organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without pesticides or other chemicals, from plants which are not genetically modified. As opposed to the traditional way of growing crops using pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other intensive farming techniques, organic cotton is grown crop rotation, beneficial insects, compost and other farming methods which are environmentally friendly.

Why use Organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a far superior alternative to chemical laden conventional cotton. Research shows that the vast amounts of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, soil additives and defoliants used extensively to grow non-organic cotton wreak havoc on soil, water and air around the globe, which may result in being harmful to the environment and to life that depends on this environment. Also, when crops are chemically treated, especially when they are sprayed on, only a fraction of the chemical prevents the infestation, the balance is absorbed by soil, gets into water, and the leaves and into the life surrounding this environment. So, if there's extensive use of chemicals everywhere, one can imagine the harm that it causes to the environment and to us. By using Organic cotton, you are one more person who is helping the environment and our fellow beings to live a healthier, cleaner, happier life.

Are all the clothes in The Green Creation organic?

Yes. Everything sold in our store, whether online or otherwise is organic and eco friendly.